Dear Visitor,

This BEONIX Visitor Policy (the “Policy”) determines the rules of admission to the Event Site as well as the rules of conduct during the Event. By deciding to visit the Event and purchasing the tickets You are entering into the legal relationships with Kaspinas Group Ltd and unconditionally agree with the rights and obligations set out below in this Policy and General Terms & Conditions available at:

The Event organizers reserve the right to amend and revise the terms of the present Policy with no obligation to personally notify the Visitors of such amendments being made, by way of replacement of the present Policy with an unlimited number of amended versions and publication of the Policy on the official website of the Event on the Internet. The continuous use of the Event admission rights after any changes in the present Policy shall be considered as acceptance of such amendments.

Name of the Event: BEONIX Open Mind Music Festival (the “Event” or “BEONIX”)

Event site: Cyprus

Event dates: 20 – 22.09.2024

  1. 1. General

    1. This Event is meant to be a good, and positive experience. The best way to achieve this happiness is to respect each other and our facilities. This Event is based on mutual collaboration. This means, Visitors bring with them their best behaviour.
    2. BEONIX does not operate any luggage storage or safe deposit facilities at the Event premises, please take care of your personal belongings and in case of any doubt, choose to leave them in a safe place.
    3. Neither the Event organizers nor its partners or contributors are not responsible for the safety of the belongings of the Visitors as well as for the safety of the vehicles in the parking lot. All Visitors to the Event, by virtue of their participation and attendance at the Event, hereby expressly agree with the above.
    4. BEONIX is not required to cancel the Event due to poor weather conditions. Please note that return/exchange of tickets due to poor weather conditions is not available.
    5. BEONIX reserves the right to change the Event lineup any time prior to the Event for any reason whatsoever including for reasons beyond reasonable control of BEONIX. Please note that return/exchange of tickets due to changes in lineup is not available.
    6. Visitors violating any rules mentioned in this Policy may be banned from the Event Site by the security personnel at the sole discretion of the Event organizers.
    7. Visitors of the Event, by virtue of their attendance at the Event, expressly assume all known and potential risks and danger of injury and/or death from any cause whatsoever, resulting from, in connection with, or incidental to the Event, including exposure to COVID-19. Visitors understand and agree that there may be certain risks of personal or property injury, illness and/or death associated with attending the Event, including, without limitation, risks related to the novel coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 and any resulting disease (together with any mutation, adaptation or variation thereof, “COVID-19”). Visitors agree and hereby waive any rights, to the extent permitted by law, resulting from being exposed to any risk, danger of injury and/or death by virtue of participating at the Event.
    8. Please make sure to read the rules of exchange, return and refund of admission tickets:
    9. Please note that the tickets you purchase from the BEONIX Festival official website are for personal use. The festival organizer does not support ticket resale.

    1. BEONIX will swap the tickets (either in electronic or printed form) purchased in advance for wristbands at the time of entry at the Event Site. Each ticket has a unique QR-code which will be scanned at the entrance.
    2. The Visitor shall provide the personnel with his/her ID card confirming that the Visitor has reached the age of 18 (eighteen). Visitors under the age of 18 (eighteen) are not admissible to the Event.
    3. BEONIX shall register and assign the wristband to each particular person during the entry procedure. The wristband given to you is personalized. You are not allowed to gift, sell or transfer your ticket and/or your wristband to any third person.
    4. Visitors wearing the wristbands can freely leave the Event Site and enter back without any restrictions or limitations.
    5. Visitors are required to wear their wristbands for the duration of their validity. The Event organizers or the security personnel of the Event, may inspect wristbands at the entrance, at the exit and throughout the entire area of the Event Site, at any time.
    6. Visitors with invalid wristbands will be requested to leave the Event venue and vacate the Event premises.
    7. Please make sure not to lose your wristband, the Visitors may replace the damaged wristband only upon submission of the damaged one and:

      • the respective Visitor’s ID card used at the purchase of the BEONIX ticket; or,
      • the ticket purchase receipt (option is available only to Visitors who will purchase the tickets at the cashier desks of the Event Site).
    8. In the event of loss or theft of a ticket or a wristband, BEONIX will neither replace it nor refund the ticket fee.
    9. Upgrade of the class of the ticket or replacement of the wristband without submission of the damaged wristband can only be done at the sole discretion of the Event organizers.
    10. Each Visitor of the Event shall not intentionally remove the wristband and shall keep it on until completion of the Event and / or final exit from the Event Site. In case of an intentional removal of the wristband the Event organizers shall have the right to ensure the Visitor vacates and/or is removed from the Event Site with no possible refund of the ticket fee.
    11. In case of any pandemic or epidemic situation, in order to protect the Visitors, entry to the Event may be subject to additional conditions and proceedings determined by the competent authorities.
    12. BEONIX may refuse entry to the Event Site if the Visitor is in a condition which endangers the safety of other Visitors, including an obvious state of illness or obvious inebriation, narcotic or other intoxication without the refund of the purchased ticket.
    13. BEONIX may refuse entry to the Event Site and/or ban the Visitor from the Event Site if the Visitor is displaying any form of aggressive or disrespectful or inappropriate behaviour towards other Visitors and personnel, disconcerting other Visitors (as determined and subject to the security control discretion), suspected of committing illegal actions towards other Visitors, personnel or BEONIX properties.
    14. The BEONIX security control may randomly search vehicles before they are checked in the parking lot. Any Visitor who refuses an inspection of his/her vehicle may not be admitted to the Event Site (including parking spaces).
    15. For the sake of safety at the Event, the security control personnel may request any Visitor to be personally inspected/patted (including inspection of personal belongings) at the entrance and at the Event Site. The Visitor shall have the right to be inspected/patted by the security personnel of the same gender. The Visitors refusing from personal inspection may be denied the access to the Event Site.

    1. Visitors to BEONIX are required to conduct themselves responsibly in compliance with any and all relevant legal regulations.
    2. Visitors are required to refrain from any and all actions, statements or behavior which endangers life, health, physical well-being of others, any property or violates others’ personal rights.
    3. BEONIX asks Visitors to use the waste collection bins for the disposal of garbage and to pay attention to dispose of the garbage in the appropriate compartment for each waste type.
    4. Visitors are encouraged to notify security personnel in the Event they are not feeling well or they see someone not feeling well. They are further encouraged to communicate peacefully and in an agreeable manner with those around them.
    5. In order to ensure the safety of the Event, it is strictly prohibited to bring to the Event Site any of the following items:

      • Fireworks, explosives (in solid, liquid or gas form) and any pyrotechnical objects;
      • Weapons or sharp, pointy objects (sticks, chains, knives, hammers, screwdrivers etc.)
      • Aerosol products (including spray cans and deodorants) and any other flammable products or materials;
      • Perfumes, antiseptics and other personal hygiene products or liquids in bottles/flacons in the volume that exceed 50 ml;
      • Poisonous substances;
      • Any personal mobility vehicles, including scooters, bicycles, hoverboards, rollers (except for wheelchairs or other medical devices);
      • Any breakable utensils, glass or metal bottles and or cups;
      • Any medications (except for a life-sustaining prescription drugs, which are allowed only upon submission a copy of a prescription or doctor's order);
      • Drugs or any other illegal mood-enhancing and otherwise illegal substances in any form whatsoever. There is zero tolerance to any type of illegal or mood-altering substances at this Event;
      • Working tools (axes, hammers, saws, nails, etc.);
      • Any banners or other items bearing discriminating and/or provocative and/or offensive texts or expressions (this restriction extends to the Visitors’ clothing, accessories and other clothing items, face and body art);
      • Any flags;
      • Drones and any professional or semi-professional photo and video cameras (as a professional or semi-professional shall be treated any camera with changeable lens or with more than a tenfold optical zoom);
      • Any flying, aeronautical, vertical-lifting devices and mechanisms, including but not limited to quadcopters, balloons, Chinese lanterns, kites etc.);
      • Any pets or animals, except for a service (guide) dogs;
      • Tourist chairs;
      • Any transceivers, including walkie-talkies;
      • Umbrellas with a sharp end;
      • Any other items which may be endangering the Event Visitors, as may be determined by the security control at the entrance and at the Event Site.
    6. Visitors are also prohibited to bring to the Event site any food or beverages (including alcoholic drinks), unless competent authority will declare a heat emergency (in that case Visitors will be allowed to bring a reasonable quantity of water or mineral water).
    7. Any Visitors in possession of prohibited items referred to in this Policy and, in particular, clauses 3.5 - 3.6 will be denied the entrance and/or removed from and/or escorted out of the Event Site with no possible refund of the entrance fee.
    8. No business, commercial or advertising activity may be conducted by the Visitors at the Event – including the area in front of the gates of the Event. The Visitors are not allowed to sell food, drinks or other products without the express permission of the Event organizer.
    9. No sponsorship, on site marketing, sampling, vending, coupon/product distribution, or other promotional/advertising activity may be conducted at the Event (inclusive of parking spaces), absent the Event organizer’s prior written approval in each instance.
    10. In the interest of the Visitor on the Event Site (including parking spaces) it is strictly forbidden to:

      • Make fire (including use of any flammable lamps, heaters or burners);
      • Smoke (including electronic cigarettes and or wapes) in places where it is expressly prohibited to smoke;
      • Use of kerosene lamps, heaters, gas burners;
      • Block any entrances, exits (including emergency exits) and any aisles;
      • Enter zones which the Visitor is not admitted to visit according to the type of its wristband and areas to where the access of the Visitors is prohibited (on-stage, backstage, artists’ dressing rooms, technical and service facilities, premises intended for personnel, etc.);
      • Climb on any fences, tents, constructions, benches or any others objects or items which are not intended to be climbed on;
      • Suppress the identity of the Visitor with intention to disturb the safety and peace of other Visitors;
      • Wear texts, symbols, objects, clothes and/or other (visible) external expressions explicitly representing a political, social movement or group. Anything that hints at discrimination, incitement, or racism is strictly prohibited;
      • Swim;
      • Throw any items to the stages and the artists performing on-stage.
    11. At the Event Site, BEONIX’s suitably qualified and authorised employees or associates will ensure enforcement of the rules of conduct and safety. Visitors expressly undertake, by virtue of their participation in the given Event, that they will fully cooperate with these associates within the bounds of the law and will follow their instructions in the event of an emergency. Visitors wishing to file a complaint against the actions of these associates may do so at the BEONIX public service office or on its website, by providing the identification number of the contributor concerned.
    12. Visitors are allowed to do photo and image recording using the devices permitted in the Event Site (mobile phones and photo and video cameras, except for those mentioned in clause 3.5 (m) above).
    13. Visitors are entitled to make sound and image recordings at the Event, but may only make sound and image recordings with - a sound and image recorder integrated into a telecommunication device used for personal aims (for example a mobile phone or a tablet) or otherwise with a non-professional equipment. Furthermore, Visitors may not sell, use for consideration or use for commercial purposes without consideration image and voice recordings that they have made, identify by name and/or description the Visitors featuring in such recordings without their consent or violate the personal rights of such Visitors. BEONIX is expressly not liable in the event of other Visitors violating the above rules.

    1. Visitors expressly agree and acknowledge that BEONIX, its partners and contributors (authorized by BEONIX), members of the press, as well as other Visitors may produce sound and image recording at the Event Site.
    2. Accordingly, all Visitors of the Event, by virtue of their participation at the Event, give express permission to the recording and publication of their image, likeness and actions in any live streaming or recording audio, video, film and photo content and other similar reproductions and broadcast of the Visitors’ image, likeness and actions. Visitors, however, may only be named in such recordings with their express permission. Visitors considered public figures may be named without their permission.
    3. BEONIX, as well as individuals authorised by BEONIX, are entitled to utilise, use (especially for the promotion of the Event), duplicate, publish, transpose, make public, transmit to the public and distribute such recordings of the Visitor - including the case if BEONIX utilises or uses recordings made by other Visitor(s) of the Visitor - without providing any compensation to the Visitor.
    4. Visitors expressly acknowledge that BEONIX may record the Event, concerts and programmes, may copy the recordings and distribute them on image- bearing media, may broadcast them or otherwise make them public and may do so repeatedly, including making the Events, concerts and programmes available to the public by wired or by any other means (for example, through YouTube), such that members of the public can individually select the place and time of access.
    5. Visitors are not entitled to make any claim or demand against BEONIX concerning recordings as set out above.

    1. You hereby consent to the collection, receipt, use, retention, processing and transfer, in electronic or other form, of your personal data (including but not limited to, name, home address, telephone number, employment status, tax identification number, location, data for tax withholding purposes) by and among the Organizers and its third-party vendors, and you expressly authorize such transfer processing as well as the retention, use, and the subsequent transfer of the data by the recipient(s).
    2. You understand that you may, at any time, request a list with the names and addresses of any potential recipients of the personal data, view data, request additional information about the storage and processing of data, require any necessary amendments to data by contacting in writing the Organizers.
    3. You understand that the Organizers and its third-party vendors shall process your aforementioned personal data in adherence with the Regulation (EU) 2016/679 on General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) as applicable.
    4. Please also note that by purchasing the tickets and using the BEONIX website you give your express permission for the collection and use and processing of your personal data as per applicable law and as stated in the Privacy Policy for BEONIX Website available at: