Ameli Paul


Resident DJ of Beonix, Mixology bar and Agora Rooftop, playing Latin, downtempo, organic house, Afro house, melodic house and techno, he describes his mojo as storytelling. In the realm of modern music, DJs hold the power to shape experiences, evoke emotions, and create connections with their audiences. While some DJs focus solely on delivering tracks, exceptional DJs take their performances to a higher level by seamlessly blending songs to create a cohesive narrative - a story that transcends the boundaries of individual tracks. When a DJ embraces the role of a storyteller, they go beyond merely playing songs; they immerse their audience in an unforgettable journey. A mixtape becomes more than a collection of tracks; it becomes a profound experience that resonates with the listeners. Niksu performed at the Beonix festival 2023.