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Peter Pahn

PETER PAHN, a techno DJ and producer from Frankfurt, Germany, is known for his captivating «marching and driving» sound with hypnotic vocals and deep basslines. His debut «Disefect» on Gain Records won "Best Producer» at the Gain Series Vol. 16 - ADE Sampler 2019 and garnered global recognition, including endorsements from Richie Hawtin. 
His notable releases include the successful «The Holy Gid EP» and tracks on labels like Riot Recording and Reload Black Label. Ranking 82nd in worldwide artist charts in 2021, he's part of «Wir Sind Verboten» (Teenage Mutants) and has seen international success with performances in cities like Paris and Istanbul, and domestically in Berlin. 
His energetic style and consistent output have established him as a promising talent in the techno scene.