Fatboy  Slim

Fatboy Slim

Right here, right now: meet DJ Fatboy Slim, the legendary maestro behind iconic beats. From his Housemartins' days to '90s big beat glory, he's the one who changed the music scene with hits like "Praise You" and "Right Here, Right Now". Fatboy Slim isn't just a name — it's a groove, a rhythm that pulsates through the very soul of the dancefloor. Each track feels like a heartbeat, bringing us together, and as Gen Z would say "lives were changed" after his gigs. Fatboy Slim's dynamic performances and innovative production techniques have left an indelible mark on the electronic music scene. With multiple music awards and a reputation for epic live shows, DJ Fatboy Slim remains a charismatic icon in the world of dance music and this time he's coming to BEONIX to throw a show like never before.