Brina Knauss


Artur and Batish, the dynamic duo from Kyiv, have revolutionized electronic music, earning titles such as Mixmag Stars of the Year and Beatport's top artists. Their hits, notably 'Age of Love', alongside collaborations with stars like David Guetta and Idris Elba, have established their dominance. 
Their prowess as DJs has enchanted audiences at festivals like Tomorrowland and EDC. The rise of their UPPERGROUND label, supporting innovative artists, marks their influence in the electronic music domain. Moreover, ARTBAT's sound has permeated fashion and online platforms, partnering with brands like Emporio Armani and featuring on TikTok and Roblox. 
With a global fanbase, ARTBAT's journey from the underground scene to worldwide acclaim highlights their profound impact on electronic music lovers, cementing their legacy as industry trailblazers.